At VNF Solutions, analysis is the foundation for what we do. We have the technical, regulatory, and policy expertise and experience to analyze the issues and develop Solutions. Our team of multi-discipline experts knows how to work through complexities and get to the root of a problem. This knowledge enables us to work with you to develop a plan for action.

  • Technology Evaluations

    Several of our professionals have extensive technical backgrounds in the energy industry which facilitates counsel on the viability of technologies under consideration for investment purposes or installation to meet strategic policy or environmental goals.

  • Legislative and Regulatory Impact Analysis

    Our professionals regularly provide analyses of proposed regulations and legislation that enable clients to project operational and financial impacts. These analyses also provide an excellent basis for comments to federal agencies on notices of proposed rulemaking or outreach to lawmakers.

  • Land Use Planning

    Our land use professionals provide clients with advice and counsel pertaining to planning processes and policy and code development. A unique and collaborative approach with all stakeholders, including governments, elected officials, developers, and citizens, helps achieve clients' goals effectively and efficiently. Our team is also highly skilled at supervising consultants across a spectrum of disciplines, including environmental, wildlife, historical/cultural resources, and structural engineering, to assess project feasibility.

  • Forecasting Disruption

    The twenty-first century world will be marked by disruption. Geopolitical, economic, social, environmental, and technological change all threaten to fundamentally alter the established order—impacting governments, individuals, and everything in between. Unfortunately, it is difficult for many of these entities to devote sufficient time and attention to events that may occur decades into the future. VNF Solutions’ interdisciplinary team is prepared to help clients analyze the impacts of the most pressing twenty-first century challenges.

  • Thought Leadership