How We Work

Solutions’ approach is founded upon three key elements, the combination of which delivers efficient, win-win Solutions for our clients. Our team assimilates multi-disciplinary expertise—not commonly found in other consulting firms—which produces unique strategies and actions for approaching complex problems. This multi-pronged approach generates Solutions that benefit from a diverse set of perspectives and ultimately, is proven to deliver more efficient, reliable, and forward-looking outcomes than otherwise possible.

VNF Solutions demonstrates a commitment to this unique approach in our billing philosophy, which is based upon the simple belief that we should be compensated for helping clients efficiently solve problems, and not be rewarded for spending more time than necessary to achieve the same result. On every representation, our goal is to align our time with your success. This is accomplished through several approaches including:

  • monthly retainers
  • flat/project fees
  • success fees
  • one-rate hourly pricing

Maximizing efficiencies, streamlining pathways, and achieving uncommon results serve as our guiding principles in all client partnerships.