The VNF Solutions team has the substantive knowledge and depth of resources to develop the best strategies to address the challenges our clients face. This includes identifying potential changes in laws or regulations, potential business pivots, and options for advocacy.

  • Strategic Issue Consulting

    VNF Solutions works as a powerful liaison between elected officials, government agencies, and clients in their dealings with local, state, and federal government.  Our team has decades of experience providing effective and creative counsel that interprets the needs and translates the language between business and decision-makers inside the beltway.  Clients benefit from our reputation, our connections, and our strong bipartisan relationships across all branches of government, thereby advancing clients’ goals and protecting their interests.

  • Coalition Management

    Coalitions can be a good tool to provide the political support and financial resources that are essential to engage in important and high profile public policy debates. VNF Solutions’ team has significant experience in coalition development and management, including formation and management of several national coalitions, representing a range of industry associations and nonprofits on federal advocacy matters.

    Our experience includes drafting foundational and governance documents. Our professionals have been designated as the Executive Director or in other roles of these coalitions and have provided the leadership, management and strategic counsel that are required of such a position. These leadership roles are highly visible and become part of the “branding” of the coalition’s message in the minds of a broad range of stakeholders, and play a key part in developing and building the coalitions.

  • Thought Leadership