VNF LIVE EXTRA: A Deeper Dive into Your Questions on the Natural Resource, Water, Tribal and Resiliency Opportunities in the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act

January 20, 2022

Listen in as our bipartisan team of experts extend the conversation following our live webinar to address unanswered questions and delve more deeply into the opportunities afforded by the IIJA in the areas of water, natural resources, tribal investments and partnerships, and resiliency.

Topics covered include:

-Assessing whether various programs in the law are worth pursuing

-Timelines for programs and funding

-How agencies are approaching implementation in real time

-Funding in the context of recently enacted statutes

-Resiliency, environmental justice, and multi-purpose projects and why these priorities should be considered when pursuing opportunities

The Power of Collaboration, in Action.

ICYMI: Click here to watch our original webinar.

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